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What Should You Look For When Buying A Wine Cooler?

While the majority of households need a high-quality refrigerator to keep their food fresh and tasty, the same is for wine lovers and collectors. Most wine collectors know that in order to keep your wine fresh without losing its exquisite flavor, they should purchase a home appliance called a wine cooler, which is also known as a wine refrigerator. However, before making your first purchase, there are some crucial things that you need to know about this appliance and some features that you should consider before buying your wine refrigerator. This comprehensive guide will give you detailed information about wine coolers and will assist you with your next purchase.

Wine Cooler Types

In terms of their technological features, wine fridges can be divided into two types thermoelectric wine coolers and compressing wine coolers. The main difference is that compressing wine coolers compresses the air and releases it to decrease the interior temperature. Compressing wine fridges have extensive cooling ability; however, they may sometimes be noisy. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine refrigerators produce no noise because there are no alternating mechanisms, compressors, or motors in this cooler. It also doesn’t over-freeze and uses a small amount of energy.

What should you consider before buying a wine cooler?

Storage Size

Different people have different amounts of wine collection; this is why it’s vital to look at storage sizes.

  • Mini Wine Cooler- If you just own a few wine bottles and do not even plan to increase them in the future, go for a mini wine fridge that can store 10-15 wine bottles. 
  • Middle-sized Wine Cooler- If you plan to collect up to 50 wine bottles, that middle-sized wine cooler is just suitable for you.
  • Massive Wine Cooler- sometimes, some people have as many as 100 wine bottles, which is when you should invest in large wine coolers.
  • Tall Wine Coolers- Apart from the standard storage sizes of wine fridges, some people look for elegant and minimalistic options. This is when they prefer purchasing a tall wine cooler which is the most aesthetic type of wine cooler.
  • Miniature Wine Cooler- You may have not even heard about this type of wine cooler designed for persevering as few as two wine bottles.

Humidity and Temperature Zones

Different types of wine need different types of temperature and humidity for their most effective perseverance. This is why various kinds of wine coolers are designed depending on every wine collector’s needs and demands. Often these contemporary wine coolers have temperature and relative humidity controls, letting you establish the ideal environment for your inventory. Many systems can compartmentalize these settings for different wine racks, allowing you to develop many distinct sections within the appliance for various types of wines. In sum, we can separate wine coolers by temperature into three types.

  • Single-zone wine coolers are usually large, and they can store up to 160 wine bottles; however, in this case, there is a big downside to the appliance being able to keep all the bottles under one temperature. Usually, it’s not practical because if you collect as many as 160 bottles, there is no chance that they will need the same temperature. The single-zone wine cooler is usually for small and miniature wine storage.
  • Double-zone wine coolers are for multiple types of wines. This may be suitable for a middle-sized storage wine cooler.
  • Multi-zone wine coolers are the most practical ones for huge wine collections. It has more than one temperature and humidity control section and can store up to 100 bottles.

Design and Location

The design of any wine cooler is a significant consideration, and the type you choose will frequently be determined by where your cooler will be located. 

  • Under-Counter Wine Cooler -You should examine both under-counter and column types if you would like to place a wine cooler indoors. These are an excellent choice for kitchens, restaurants, and cafes. They’re attractive, small, and roomy, with two areas for wine in most cases. Due to their compact size, under-counter wine coolers do not waste too much energy.
  • Column Wine Cooler-Column wine coolers can accommodate more bottles of wine than under-counter wine coolers, making them a good alternative for serious collectors. However, prior you buy, make sure you have sufficient room for a column wine cooler since these devices can take up more space than you might expect.
  • Outdoor Wine Cooler- there is no any technical difference between an outdoor wine cooler and any other indoor wine cooler type. The main advantage is its unique design which can be a good investment and contribution to your backyard or veranda.


Cost is the most obvious thing that every consumer takes into account before making a purchase. Wine coolers are premium appliances, and they usually have a high price. Generally speaking, the price of wine coolers is associated with storage size and temperature functionality. The larger and multi-sized wine coolers often are much more expensive than more simple versions.

Final Thoughts

Taking everything into a nutshell, we firmly believe that a wine cooler is an incredible investment for every wine lover and collector, and every customer should consider crucial factors such as storage size, temperature and humidity functions, design and cost before buying a wine refrigerator. And if, after your purchase, you need any maintenance or repair service, do not hesitate to contact the competent professionals at Sacramento Appliance Repairs Company. What is more, if you decide to collect an incredible amount of 1000 wine bottles, then you should say goodbye to your wine cooler and own a wine cave.