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Washer Repair Service

washer repair service sacramento

The washer is an integral part of home appliances. At least once a week, all of us have to clean our clothes. However, if your washer breaks down, it’s a major headache for everyone as the pile of clothes accumulates. And you have to wash with hands manually before qualified technicians solve the issue.

 Sacramento Appliance Repair helps its clients with any home appliance issue they might encounter, including washer issues. Our competent professionals save your energy and time by giving fast and effective solutions to your problem. 

We are available 24/7, and you can freely call whenever you need. So if you need professional help, Washer Repair Service is there for you. Just call us at (916) 330-4477 or schedule an online appointment if it’s more convenient for you. 

Common Washing Machine Issues We Solve

Bouncing Washing Machine

Little bouncing is usually okay for every washing machine. However, if you feel an abnormal vibrating, there is a problem with the ground where the washer is placed or the washing machine itself. It is usually possible that your washer is on uneven ground; however, there might be a problem with its compartments if it's not the case.

Noisy Washing Machine

There are no washing machines that operate entirely quietly; making some noise is a general part of their operation. Even though, very often, our clients notice an unusual increase in the sound of their washer. This might be due to debris, dirt, or even coins accumulated while cleaning the clothes. It's also that something is wrong with the drummer. Contact a professional and get a quick fix.

Washing Machine Won’t Spin Around

If your washing machine does not spin, this usually indicates motor problems. If you are trying to wash too much or too few clothes, then it's highly likely that your washer won't spin. Simply try to reach the right amount. If it does not work, the problem may be with its parts. In this case, you should contact a qualified technician.

Washer Without Water

If your washing machine is not filling water, then very often the reason is blocked, clogged, or damaged hose. Your washing machine will fill with water as long as it's fixed. Depending on individual cases, other scenarios are also possible.

Inadequate Or Slow Clothing Draining

When your clothes do not drain properly, you might think that there is a big issue; however, usually, it is not. There may be problems with the filters as they can be blocked or clogged.

Unpleasant Smell

Cold washing and liquid detergents usually cause your washing machine to be smelly. People often ignore smelly washing machines, but it's a serious issue that they need to address as soon as possible. The stinky washing machine can lead to eventual corrosion. However, no further issues will arise if you fix it on time and have regular maintenance afterward.

It Does Not Turn Off

If your washing machine doesn't start operating, it can be because you overused it. Then you should turn it off for a while and give it a chance to rest. However, there might be a more severe issue for which you should hire a professional.

Our technicians can work with a variety of washing machines, including

washer repair service sacramento

Sacramento Appliance Repair has been in washer/ washing machine and other appliance repair industry for more than 10 years and our qualified professionals have been working in this field for more than 15 years. To guarantee our clients receive the best possible service for their specific brand, our team of local experts undergoes ongoing training and receives technical assistance directly from the manufacturer. In case you are interested in other repair services provided by Sacramento Appliance Repair, visit here. 

What Sacramento Appliance Repair Offers

Major Washer Brands We Are Working With

Do you have any other questions?

We would be happy to assist you if you have any further questions or require extra information on washing machines or any other home appliance. Please don’t hesitate to call us right now, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit here for dishwasher repair.