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Oven Repair Service

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Do you love baking a cake or cooking something hot and delicious? If yes, then the oven is a home appliance that you should definitely purchase. With the help of the oven, you get exposed to a wide range of possible and have a great chance to explore new baking recipes. 

However, it’s possible that after some time of using it, your oven will stop functioning correctly, and you will not be able to cook or bake what you love. Oven Repair Service will help its clients with any oven or other home appliance issues they might have. 

We have a qualified team of technicians who work hard and continually practice to provide you with the best possible service. Our working hours are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So you do not have to worry, even if a problem occurs late at night. Just contact us at (916) 330-4477 or use our online scheduling system to schedule an appointment, and our technician will provide you with same-day service if required.

Common Oven Issues We Solve

The oven temperature is not accurate

Before starting the cooking and baking procedure, we usually set a specific temperature to preheat the oven. However, if it changes automatically, your food might be overcooked or undercooked. In any case, there might be a problem with the control board or heating element. Our professional will have a look and give individual feedback.

The oven would not turn on

Depending on the oven type, whether it’s electric or gas; the reason why it won’t turn on is the circuit breaker. However, there may be no problem with the power supply. In that case, issues differ for electric and gas ovens. Electric oven issues are usually a damaged wire, a malfunctioning control bake, a broil element, or the obscene amount of electricity entering the device. Whereas, for the gas oven, these problems are related to gas control, igniter, or valve.

The oven light does not work

When the light does not work, the first thing that comes to our mind is the problem with the light bulb. Replacing a light bulb in the oven on your own is not an easy task to do. In such cases, it’s recommended to call a professional who will replace it or discover other possible causes like connecting cable, light switch, or electronic control.

The oven door will not open or close.

If the doors of the oven are not closed, it is unsafe to use. The problems that might have caused the door not close are profuse, so you should call a repairman who will have a look at circuit breakers, hinges, door springs, etc. If something else is the issue, they will let you know.

The oven will not self-clean.

When the oven does not self-clean, it does not necessarily mean the problem is in the internal components. It may be due to a false cycle start, timer issue, or something like that. However, if it still does not work after checking the above-mentioned points, call a qualified specialist.

Our technicians can work with a variety of ovens, including

oven repair service

Sacramento Appliance Repair has been in appliance repair industry for more than 10 years with a team of competent technicians working in this field for more than 15 years. To ensure that our clients receive the finest service possible for their unique brand, our team of local specialists receives continuing training and technical support straight from the manufacturer. If you’re looking for other repair services offered by Sacramento Appliance Repair, click here.

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Major Stove Brands We Are Working With

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any further queries or need additional information about ovens or any other household equipment feel free to reach out to us. Please contact us by calling and one of our professionals will gladly answer any questions you may have. Visit here for ac repair.