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Microwave Repair Service

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In this fast-paced world where everyone is rushing around, the demand for microwaves in the kitchen has increased dramatically. More and more people are heavily dependent on the microwave as it’s the fastest way to heat your food and enjoy it as if it’s freshly cooked. However, as microwaves are operating every day, it’s possible that they may break down. 

Even if it happens, you do not need to worry at all. Microwave Repair Sacramento has a great team of qualified technicians who will be there to help you any time of the day. By delivering rapid and practical solutions to your problems, our professional people help you save time and energy. 

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you may reach out to us whenever you need. So, if you need professional help, Sacramento Appliance Repair is here to help. Call (916) 330-4477 or use our online scheduling system to schedule an appointment.


Common Microwave Issues We Solve

The Microwave Plate Isn't Spinning

The plate of the microwave is an essential component of every microwave, as it allows the food to spin appropriately and cook every inch. If the plate does not turn, the problem may be with the plate itself, roller, coupler, and the drive motor. You do not have to worry because it's easy to fix with Sacramento Appliance Repair.

Microwave Lightning Does Not Turn On

With the help of the microwave's lightning, you know whether food is being cooked or not. If there is no lightning, the most common issues can be with the light bulb or the control board. Although it may seem that changing the light bulb is easy, very often, depending on the microwave's model, you will need professional help. If your light bulb is okay, you should check the control board.

Microwave Touch Screen Isn't Working

When the touchpad stops reacting, it is one of the most annoying microwave failures. When none of the buttons placed on the touchpad responds and appears to be entirely dead, begin to examine the membrane switch, which controls the response of each individual button. If the membrane switch is functioning correctly, it may be the control board that caused the touchpad to break down.

Microwave Makes Rattling Noise

Usually, when your turn the microwave on and to hear rattling sounds, you might get scared. If the problem is with the plate which is not placed correctly, you do not have to worry as it’s easy to fix. It can also happen that weird sounds come out because of the drive motor, magnetron, diode, or cooling fan.

Microwave Not Heating

When your microwave starts to get older and approaches its lifespan limit, it might start to heat badly or not heat at all. This problem may be attributable to the voltage diode, door switch, and magnetron.

Other Possible Causes

Microwave Door Does Not Open Microwave Door Does Not Close Microwave Exhaust Fan Is Not Functioning Microwave Doesn’t Turn Off

Our technicians can work with a variety of microwaves, including

sacramento microwave repair service

Sacramento Appliance Repair has been in microwave and other appliance repair industry for more than 10 years and our qualified professionals have been working in this field for more than 15 years. To guarantee our clients receive the best possible service for their specific brand, our team of local experts undergoes ongoing training and receives technical assistance directly from the manufacturer. In case you are interested in other repair services provided by Sacramento Appliance Repair, visit here. 

What Sacramento Appliance Repair Offers

Major Microwave Brands We Are Working With

Do you have any other questions?

We would be happy to assist you if you have any further questions or require extra information on microwaves or any other home appliance. Please don’t hesitate to call us right now, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit here for stove repair.