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Freezer Repair Service

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At Sacramento Appliance Repair, we offer our customers a quick and effective solution to any home appliance issue they may have. Freezers are an essential component of any residential or commercial kitchen as they allow us to store and maintain food fresh, which needs extremely low temperatures. 

If you have a freezer problem, you can be confident that our trained specialists at Freezer Repair Service will solve it quickly and effectively. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to worry even if your freezer requires immediate repair late at night. Give us a call at (916) 330-4477 or arrange an appointment online if it is more convenient for you.

Common Freezer Issues We Repair

The Freezer Is Not Turning On.

There can be a wide range of reasons why your freezer won't operate. But before checking the internal components, you might have a look at its electrical outlet. If everything is okay with the outlet, then the reasons include but are not limited to issues with the electronic control board, cold control thermostat, defrost timer, or compressor.

There Is A Frost In Your Freezer.

This is a common problem among households. Very often, slight frost inside your freezer is not a big deal; however, if it is already too much, your freezer is under damage. The primary cause is an improper working lid gasket or door of the freezer. If the doors are not closed accurately, this will cause warm and moist air to come in. However, there are also several other problems connected with defrost timer, sensor or heating compartment. For proper maintenance, you can contact professionals at Sacramento Appliance Repair.

Freezer Is Noisy.

Problems with your refrigerator's internal components or settings functioning under too low temperature can cause your freezer cycling procedure to be extremely difficult, due to which it starts to make weird noises. When your freezer is noisy, this disturbs your peace at home, or if you are a business owner, your customers will be bothered. Solving this issue on your own can be tiresome, but contacting a professional will save your time and energy.

Problem with Freezer's Interior Light.

Usually, people forget that, like for their rooms, they need to change and replace the light bulb of the freezer from time to time. When the interior light of the freezer does not operate, the first thing to check is the light bulb. However, if a new light bulb does not solve the problem, you should contact a qualified technician to identify further issues.

Freezer Is Not Cooling.

If your freezer is not cooling, then the first thing you should consider is how long you are using it. Depending on your freezer's brand and type, its lifespan is usually between 10 to 16 years. Unless it's older than that, you should think about the thermostat. It's also possible that there is a problem with the temperature sensor or refrigerant system.

On The Bottom Of The Freezer, There Is A Block Of Ice.

A clogged defrost drain tube is the most common cause of a layer of ice in the bottom of the freezer. Water will pool at the bottom of your unit and freeze if the drain tube is obstructed. To solve this issue, contact a qualified professional.

Our technicians can work with a variety of freezers, including

sacramento freezer repair service

Sacramento Appliance Repair has been in the freezer and other appliance repair market for over ten years. Our experienced technicians have over 15 years of experience. Our team of local specialists receives continual training and technical help straight from the manufacturer to ensure our clients receive the best possible service for their unique brand. If you’re interested in learning more about Sacramento Appliance Repair’s other services, click here.

What Freezer Repair Sacramento Offers

Major Freezer Brands We Are Working With

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We would be happy to assist you if you have any further questions or require extra information on freezers or any other home appliance. Please don’t hesitate to call us right now and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit here for washer repair.